EMR Quiz 1

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The Emergency Medical Services system may best be defined as a:

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The EMR is one link in the chain of services that forms the:

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One of your most important roles as an EMR is:

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Maintaining a professional appearance as an EMR is important because it:

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Kris, your partner, has just returned from a call involving the severe injury of a child. Kris is nauseous and irritable. You recognize:

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Returning to the station after the death of a patient, you observe that your partner is "not himself". Your have the same perception the next day and also notice that he is having a hard time making decisions and concentrating. A likely cause is:

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EMRs may contract infectious diseases by way of:

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The term"body substance isolation: may best be defined as:

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Which one of the following statements is true?

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An EMR's scope of practice is defined by:

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It is acceptable for EMRs to go beyond their scope of practice:

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The patient and her family do not want CPR performed in the event that she becomes breathless and pulseless. What would permit an EMS responder to follow those wishes?

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A competent adult may refuse treatment:

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An EMR provides emergency care to an adult male who is unconscious and seriously injured. This is an example of:

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During which phase of an EMS response will you first hear details of a call?

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Your have just reported that you are on your way to the scene of a vehicle collision at the intersection of W Hastings and Cambie Streets. What phase of an EMS response are you in?

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In which phase of a response would you check and ready your equipment for service?

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You report your patient findings to the arriving Paramedics during which phase of a call?

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Which of the following would be considered Student Misconduct?

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According to the Worker Compensation Board regulations, which of the folloing is not a First Aid Attendant's responsibility?