EMR Quiz 10

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After the baby's feet are delivered, you should keep the infant:

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After the umbilical cord has stopped pusating, you may tie it off _______ fingers widths or ______ centimetres from the baby.

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You should expect to assist in the delivery of the baby on scene if the baby can be expected within _________ minutes.

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During a pregnancy, the baby is protected by the:

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The extension of the placenta to the fetus is the:

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Your gloved hand should be placed on the infant's head during delivery to:

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Taking BSI precautions is necessary during childbirth because:

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Sarah is peparing to deliver her second child. Her contractions are three minutes apart, she has a sensation of rectal pressure, and her water broke. The EMR know that delivery is:

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If the newborn presents first with an arm, leg, or sholder instead of the head:

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If your patient is having a spontaneous abortion, you should:

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The term "spontaneous abortion" refers to a miscarriage, or a natural loss of pregnancy that occurs before the _______ week of pregnancy.

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How should the EMR provide emergency care for the head and neck of a toddler who has fallen out of the second-story window?

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Always suspect _____ in pediatric patients because deaths in children under five years old are most often caused by it.

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A truck has stopped on the highway. All of the following are safe ways to determine what the truck is carrying EXCEPT:

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Suspect possible child abuse or neglect for any of the following findings EXCEPT:

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When the signs and symptoms of a respiratory emergency in a pediatric patient subside, it is important for:

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Suspect_____ injures in infants who are not restrained properly in their car seats during an auto collision.

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You are providing emergency care to a pregnant patient who has had a fall. She tells you that she is in labour. This is her second pregnancy. You should pepare for an on-scene delivery if:

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What is the top cause of cardiac arrest in infants and children:

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If the mother's vaginal bleeding appears to be excessive after giving birth, the EMR should do all of the following EXCEPT: