EMR Quiz 2

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You have stopped to refuel the rescue vehicle. What phase of an EMS response are you in?

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Cleaning and disinfecting equipment occurs during which phase of an EMS response?

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Personal protective equipment includes all of the following EXCEPT:

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A physical fitness plan for EMRs should include all of the following EXCEPT:

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The term "body mechanics" refers to the:

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Upon arrival at the scene of an emergency, the first task the EMR must perform is called:

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You are called to the scene of a bar fight where a person has been shot twice and is bleeding profusely. What is your best course of action?

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The "mechanism of injury" refers to the:

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At a patient's house, you hear loud voices and cursing. This would be considered:

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Your arrive on scene and quickly note the patient's sex, approximate age, body posture, and overall level of distress. This process is called forming a:

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You are caring for a patient who is having a cardiac emergency. Which of the items listed below is a sign and not a symptom?

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During the primary assessment of a reponsive patient, use the _________ pulse point to check circulation.

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The acronym "SAMPLE" is used to help determine a:

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The level of consciousness of a child who recognizes his mother and wants to go to her is:

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While doing a daily under the hood a pre-trip inspection of an emergency vehicle the EMR should always check:

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The rationale for "Tagging-Out" an ambulance is:

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Which of the following mechanisms of injury would not put the patient into the Rapid Transport Category?

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The normal reading SpO2 Pulse Oximeter reading for a healthy adult breathing room air would be:

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A female sawmill worker has been struck on the temple with a piece of lumber. She presents with the following signs and symptoms. Her eyes are open spontaneously. She is confused and keeps repeating statements. She obeys commands. What would her Glasgow Coma Score be?

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On which of the following patients could the EMR try and rule out a spinal injury?
  1. A patient who was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) 6 days ago but is now complaining of a severe headache and neck pain. The patient tells you the doctor X-rayed his head at the time of the accident and said everything was fine.
  2. An intoxicated person who has fallen down a flight of stairs.
  3. A skier who has a possible tibia/fibula fracture.
  4. An assault victim with numerous facial injuries.
  5. A hockey player who had been body checked and is confused and disorientated.
  6. An elderly woman who as fallen at home and is complaining of hip pain.
  7. A high school student with a two-centemetre wound to the back of his head who accidentally got hit while playing badminton in gym class.