EMR Quiz 7

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Mr. Green was caught between a truck and a loading dock. He was removed by co-workers. You determine that his chief complaint is breathing difficulty due to a crushing chest and abdominal injury. When should you update EMS?

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A firefighter has suffered a burn that affects the joints of this left hand. This burn would be considered:

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A patient has a burn to her right forearm. It is moist, blistered, and painful. This burn would best be described as a _____ burn.

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Your patient was injured while installing an electric light. During your secondary assessment, what should you look for?

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You are providing emergency care to a farmer who was burned on his arms by an unknown white powder. The first thing you should do is:

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Your top priority in managing a burn patient is to:

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The severity of an inhalation injury is determined by all of the following EXCEPT:

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For a patient with a compaint of abdominal pain, the EMR should first:

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To treat a patient with an abdominal injury and signs of shock, the EMR must do all of the following EXCEPT:

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The term_____ refers to the left or right of the midline of the body.

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The diaphragm belongs to the ______ system.

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The chest is ______ to the abdomen.

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The structure that helps prevent foreign objects from entering the trachea is called the:

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The body system that removes carbon dioxide from the body is called the _____ system.

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After air passes through the mouth and nose, it passes through the:

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The lowest portion of the sternum is called the:

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You examine a small burn that is dry, leathery, and charred. This burn would best be described as a ______ burn.

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Burns ar classified according to:

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If your patient was burned by an electrical source, monitor the patient closely for:

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BSI precautions are necessary during emergency care of burn patients because: