PCP Quiz 1

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The component of the red blood cell that is responsible for transporting oxygen is:

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All the following will cause a right shift in the oxy-hemoglobin dissociation curve except:

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Whit blood cells that primarily function in allergic reactions to release histamines are:

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The covering of the shaft of the long bones that initiates the bone repair cycle is :

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Which of the following is not a bone of the cranium?

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Which is a function of the medula oblongata?

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The major weight-bearing component of the vertebral column is the:

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Which of the following are used to describe position on the chest wall?

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At the beginning of and during most of expiration, the pressure within the thorax is:

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The somatic nervous system primarily innervates the:

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The difference between the charge of the inside of a myocardinal cell and its exterior before contraction is termed:

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The normal cardiac stroke volume is about:

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Which of the following blood vessels have the greatest effect on blood pressure?

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Internal respiration occurs in the:

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In what order does digesting food pass through the digestive tract?