PCP Quiz 10

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Which of the following is (are) responsible for the production of erythropoietin?

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All of the following are compensatory mechanisms of the hematopoietic system to conserve blood volume EXCEPT:

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The more acidic the blood, the more readily hemoglobin:

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Which of the following is NOT an effect of excercise on oxygen affinity?

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The packed volume of red blood cells per unit of blood is called the:

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The process in which white blood cells engulf and destroy an invader is known as:

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A classic sign of bacterial infection is an increase in the number of:

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Which type of lymphocyte produces antibodies to combat infection?

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All of the following are primary causes for alternations in immune response EXCEPT:

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________ are granulocytes that primarily function in allergic reactions.

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Which of the following is another name for platelets?

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All of the following are components of the hemostatic mechanism EXCEPT:

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The combination of thrombin and calcium results in:

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Scenario: A patient experiences a laceration on his hand. The clotting process that begins to occur is mediated through the ________ pathway.

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The administation of plasminogen activator will result in:

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All of the following decrease the ability of platelets to aggregate EXCEPT:

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The body's absolute retention of glucose is maintained until the blood glucose level reaches approximately:

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________ is a hormone produced by the kidney cells that stimulate the maturation of red blood cells.

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Blood contains which of the following cellular elements?
  1. Leucocytes.
  2. Plasmocytes.
  3. Thrombocytes.
  4. Erythrocytes.
  5. Protocytes.